2022 - 08 - 18
Result Announcement
InterimResult09899  CLOUD MUSIC
InterimResult02119  TSIT WING INTL
InterimResult03308  GOLDEN EAGLE
InterimResult01715  MIJI INTL HLDGS
InterimResult00023  BANK OF E ASIA
InterimResult06600  SCICLONE PHARMA
InterimResult01545  DESIGN CAPITAL
InterimResult01277  KINETIC DEV
InterimResult01833  PA GOODDOCTOR
InterimResult00978  CHI MER LAND
InterimResult00062  TRANSPORT INT'L
InterimResult00709  GIORDANO INT'L
InterimResult00848  MAOYE INT'L
InterimResult00271  ASIASEC PPT
InterimResult02385  READBOY
InterimResult00517  COSCO SHIP INTL
InterimResult00683  KERRY PPT
InterimResult09999  NTES-S
InterimResult00954  CHANGMAO BIO
InterimResult01836  STELLA HOLDINGS
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Economic Figures
HK Time Region Economic Indicator Period Previous Estimation
22:00United StatesExisting Home SalesJul 5.120M4.810M
22:00United StatesExisting Home SalesJul (m/m) 0.000--
22:00United StatesExisting Home SalesJul (m/m) -5.400%-6.100%
22:00United StatesLeading IndexJul -0.800%--
20:30United StatesJobless Claims (Continuing)06/08/2022 The week as of 1.428M--
20:30United StatesJobless Claims13/08/2022 The week as of 0.262M--
02:00United StatesCentral Bank Meeting Minutes27/07/2022 The day onwards 0.000--
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