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09/12/2019 10:27{I-bank focus}Beijing seen to roll out measures for growth
09/12/2019 10:05US stock futures, US T-bond yield, gold price update
09/12/2019 10:05Latest US$ exchange rates: US$/Yen 108.57; Euro/US$1.1057
09/12/2019 10:02{Block Trade}CHOW TAI FOOK (01929): 2m shares, or HK$14.1m
09/12/2019 09:40Shenzhou Space Park (00692) to be delisted
09/12/2019 09:31{I-bank focus}Daiwa starts Huadian Power (01071) at HK$3.4
09/12/2019 09:22HSI opens up 15 pts at 26,513; H-share up 4 pts at 10,411
09/12/2019 09:06{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05am
09/12/2019 09:05{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:04am
09/12/2019 09:05US stock futures, US T-bond yield, gold price update
09/12/2019 09:05Latest US$ exchange rates: US$/Yen 108.58; Euro/US$1.1057
09/12/2019 09:04{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:03am
09/12/2019 09:03{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:02am
09/12/2019 09:02{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:01am
09/12/2019 09:01{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00am
09/12/2019 09:01Centurion Corp (06090) to buy property at GBP15.1m
09/12/2019 08:55NYMEX oil fut (post-closing) down 31 cts to US$58.89/bbl
09/12/2019 08:50{Warrant Memo}-Derivative Warrants listed last week
09/12/2019 08:50{Warrant Memo}-Derivative Warrants to be listed
09/12/2019 08:50{Warrant Memo}-Derivative Warrants listed today
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