2020/02/27   All News
09:38{I-bank focus}Goldman raises Xiaomi Corp (01810) to HK$15
09:37{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 9:36am
09:36Bud APAC (01876) year net down 6% to USD898 million
09:33HK$ markets: Overnight Hibor at 1.10%; US$/HK$ 7.7931/32
09:31{Block Trade}BABA-SW (09988): 167k shares, or HK$33.97m
09:21HSI opens down 167 pts to 26,529; H-share -54 pts to 10,447
09:15HSIF opens dn 155 pts to 26,425. HHI dn 39 pts to 10,443
09:12{Block Trade}FL2 CSOP HSI (07200): 6.4m shares, or HK$57.38m
09:06{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05am
09:05{Block Trade}GAC GROUP (02238): 1.5m shares, or HK$13.88m
09:01{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00am
09:00Logan Property (03380) sees 40% increase in year core profit
08:58Suspension of Trading Memorandum
08:58Resumption of Trading Memorandum
08:55NYMEX oil fut (post-closing) down 42 cts to US$48.31/bbl
08:50{Warrant Memo}-Derivative Warrants listed last week