Market Calendar
Market Calendar
2022 - 09 - 29
Result Announcement
InterimResult00724  RUIXIN INT'L
InterimResult01838  CHINAPROPERTIES
FinalResult01419  HUMAN HEALTH
FinalResult01166  SOLARTECH INT'L
FinalResult00026  CHINA MOTOR BUS
FinalResult01116  MAYER HOLDINGS
FinalResult02882  HKRH
FinalResult00092  CHAMPION TECH
FinalResult01195  KINGWELL GROUP
FinalResult00979  GREEN ENERGY GP
FinalResult00825  NWDS CHINA
FinalResult00362  C ZENITH CHEM
FinalResult00924  KHOON GROUP
FinalResult00183  WINFULL GP
FinalResult01047  NGAI HING HONG
FinalResult01046  UNIVERSE ENT
FinalResult09896  MNSO
Economic Figures
HK Time Region Economic Indicator Period Previous Estimation
20:30United StatesJobless Claims (Continuing)17/09/2022 The week as of 1.379M1.385M
20:30United StatesJobless Claims24/09/2022 The week as of 0.213M0.215M
20:30United StatesGDP (Annualized q/q)Q2 (q/q) -1.600%-0.600%
20:30United StatesGDP Price IndexQ2 8.200%8.900%
20:30United StatesPCE Core Price IndexQ2 (q/q) 5.200%4.400%
20:30United StatesPersonal ExpandituresQ2 1.800%1.500%
20:30United StatesJobless ClaimsSep 0.000--
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