Market Calendar
Market Calendar
2023 - 03 - 30
Result Announcement
FinalResult00118  COSMOS MACH
FinalResult00764  ETERNITY INV
FinalResult00270  GUANGDONG INV
FinalResult01442  INFINITY L&T
FinalResult00827  KO YO GROUP
FinalResult03600  MODERN DENTAL
FinalResult01889  SANAI HEALTH GP
FinalResult00368  SUPERLAND GROUP
FinalResult01592  ANCHORSTONE
FinalResult01129  WATER INDUSTRY
FinalResult01372  C CARBONNEUTRAL
FinalResult08087  CHINA 33MEDIA
FinalResult01186  CHINA RAIL CONS
FinalResult01301  D&G TECH
FinalResult01738  FS ANTHRACITE
FinalResult03903  HANHUA FIN
FinalResult00814  JINGKELONG
FinalResult01586  LEON INSPECTION
FinalResult00360  NEW FOCUS AUTO
FinalResult03666  SHANGHAI XNG
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Economic Figures
HK Time Region Economic Indicator Period Previous Estimation
20:30United StatesJobless Claims (Continuing)18/03/2023 The week as of 1.694M1.699M
20:30United StatesJobless Claims24/03/2023 The week as of 0.000--
20:30United StatesJobless Claims25/03/2023 The week as of 0.191M0.195M
20:30United StatesGDP (Annualized q/q)Q4 (q/q) 3.200%2.700%
20:30United StatesGDP Price IndexQ4 4.400%3.900%
20:30United StatesPCE Core Price IndexQ4 (q/q) 4.700%4.300%
20:30United StatesPersonal ExpandituresQ4 2.300%1.400%
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