2020/05/31   All News
15:28Neway Group (00055) unit signs construction agreement
15:05{B-shares}SSE B-shares dn 2.56%; SZSE B-shares dn 1.15%
15:05{AH Interaction}A/H-shares performance (premium/discount)
15:05{AH Interaction}H-shares performance
15:05{AH Interaction}A-shares performance
14:53GT Group (00263) unit signs MOU to buy company
14:40China Strategic (00235) sells bonds
14:27Renrui HR (06919) unit to form two joint ventures
13:59Innovax (02680) year net down 87% to HK$1.61 million
13:58{Block Trade}SUNEVISION (01686): 3.13m shares, or HK$14.71m
13:22{Block Trade}CHOW TAI FOOK: 1.82m shares, or HK$10.51m
13:16{Block Trade}BABA-SW (09988): 62k shares, or HK$12.16m
13:15{Block Trade}BABA-SW (09988): 188k shares, or HK$36.49m
13:12{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 1:11pm
13:05{AH Interaction}A/H-shares performance (premium/discount)
13:05{AH Interaction}H-shares performance