2020/05/31   All News
10:10{Block Trade}SHIMAO PROPERTY: 600k shares, or HK$18.99m
09:55{Block Trade}SHIMAO PROPERTY: 500k shares, or HK$15.8m
09:42Ali Pictures (01060) year loss widens to RMB1.15 billion
09:39HK$ markets: Overnight Hibor at 0.15%; US$/HK$ 7.7528/31
09:35{AH Interaction}A/H-shares performance (premium/discount)
09:35{AH Interaction}H-shares performance
09:35{AH Interaction}A-shares performance
09:26{SZSE MMA}SZSE Comp Ind dn 0.36%, SZSE SME Inno dn 0.29%
09:26{SSE-MMA}SSE 180 opens dn 0.48%; SSE 380 opens dn 0.18%
09:26{B-shares}SSE B-shares dn 0.09%; SZSE B-shares dn 0.04%
09:21HSI opens down 351pts to 22,781; H-shr down 143pts at 9,408
09:15HSIF opens dn 278 pts to 22,620. HHI dn 96 pts to 9,350
09:13{Block Trade}CHINA FEIHE: 43.92m shares, or HK$585.01m
09:06{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:05am
09:03{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:02am
09:02{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:01am